becauseofdreams is a creative collective founded by illustrator, designer, graphic artist, programmer, photographer-cinematographer, writer (all self-proclaimed and utterly untrue) l3reezer. But as much of a dreamer as l3reezer is, there are just some days when he can’t get shit done or is having a creative block and thinks to himself, “God, I think I could just die happy making stupid t-shirt designs for the rest of my life at home instead of trying so hard to do everything.” The official becauseofdreams webstore is the result of him somehow managing to still be productive on said days.

And that’s kind of the ultimate dream for this here shop, being able to design apparel and accessories and actually be able to have them made. If you’re a fan of any of my designs, please support the store by following us on SNS. Having a larger fan-base is the literal difference between having dozens of t-shirt designs in perennial pre-order status due to not having the money to print them myself and being able to have a new design/collection come out every week/month.

Needless to say, this was written by l3reezer himself.

tl;dr: This is the outlet for all the projects of the becauseofdreams creative collective that can be turned into apparel, accessories, and other corporeal things that people around the world can don to represent that they feel the same typa way as us about things.

Heavily influenced by online, hip hop, animanga, and general pop culture.

Art is bomb.