Brand Ambassador/Model Application

We’re looking for fellow creatives to collaborate and grow with!

becauseofdreams freely accepts applications from established or aspiring models/brand ambassadors who would like to represent our clothing brand!

Persons of any race, ethnicity, gender are welcome to apply.



While we would love to pay models the money they deserve (especially for actual in-person photoshoots), as of the year 2017, becauseofdreams is still being completely run by just one person, me, l3reezer, despite the fact that I consistently use the pronoun “we” to describe the overall entity.

So, before that is a possibility we will be offering:

Artistic collaborations are a beautiful thing and we’re also in the business of making long-term friends, so our highest tier for our most close-knit models/ambassadors include getting our newest products for absolutely free and higher commission rates!


Let’s get to it!

becauseofdreams is based in Northern California, but there’s just so much damn beautiful people in the world, even outside our golden state!

  • Unfortunately, we can only offer in-person photoshoots for people based in NorCal as well. Photoshoots at convention meet-ups across California are also a possibility.
  • For those based outside California, we’re also perfectly willing to accept photos you take yourself to feature on our website and social media but prefer high resolution photos taken on DSLR cameras.
  • Those most proud of their own social media influence and following are welcome to take more casual phone pictures to post on their accounts with their referral code.
  • Beyond that, we are completely open to any kind of collaboration/project ideas you want to propose! Hell, we’d even be down to design a t-shirt or something for your image if our artistic visions align well enough!

For any tagging purposes:

becauseofdreams is on

Instagram: @shop.becauseofdreams
Facebook: @becauseofdreams
Tumblr: @becauseofdreams



The following is an application form of questions we’d like you to answer, if applicable:
(no sweat if you don’t have an answer for all of them though)

Basic Information:


General Appearance:




Personal Questions:

 [Models directory here]


If you are interested, you can fill-out the form above or submit a formal application via e-mail to

Also alternatively, you can reach out to founder and lead designer, l3reezer, via your preferred social network platform. Feel free to do this, especially if we’ve met in person at a convention/already talked about things!