How long does shipping take?

Items are generally shipped 1-10 business days upon order. Within the U.S., delivery on behalf of the carrier usually takes 1-3 business days. International shipping is much more unpredictable and heavily varies depending on where you are located. Generally delivery will take 1-6 weeks.


How much are shipping costs?

U.S. Standard Priority Mail Shipping: This depends on what kind of item(s) you have purchased. As of the time of writing this, our most expensive item to ship are t-shirts, which cost ~$6 to ship with an extra $3 per additional shirt. Other items such as patches, buttons, sleeping masks, etc. start at a shipping rate of ~$3  (1-3 business days)

International Standard Shipping: $30 (1-6 weeks)


Is there a free shipping option?

As of the time of writing this, we do not have any free shipping options available. That may change as we continue to grow, as we hope to offer free shipping for orders exceeding a certain purchase total.